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Is Prime My Body Setting a New Standard In Plant-Based Wellness?

Prime My Body is a health, wellness, and lifestyle company that offers plant-based products to the U.S. market, and soon, internationally. Prime My Body is leading the growing global movement for a more wellness-educated population, where people view healthy habits, lifestyles, and choices as priority, rather then option. Our mission is dedicated to the constant pursuit of serving and helping people from all walks of life to discover how they can become the best versions of themselves—physically, mentally, and financially.

To better reward our loyal customers and to help spread awareness that what people put in and on their body truly matters, Prime My Body offers a progressive affiliate marketing program that compensates its affiliates for selling Prime My Body products through their own replicated Prime My Body website.

Prime My Body has strategically positioned itself in two of the fastest growing industries in the world: plant-based wellness and hemp. According to market research firm, Brightfield Group, the hemp-derived cannabidiol industry is forecasted to hit $3 billion in the United States alone by 2020.1 In 2016 cannabidiol sales totaled $175 million.

With products that include hemp as a main ingredient, like our Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil and Prime Protein Superfood, Prime My Body is a leading contributor to hemp’s global resurgence in the health and nutrition landscape and also stands for and supports current nationwide legislative deregulation of hemp and hemp related products.

A Plant-Based Product Line

Each Prime My Body product, from our Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil and Ultimate Detox System to our Prime Protein Superfood and Hydrate moisturizer line, is designed and formulated for the improvement and enrichment of body and mind health and optimum functionality.

“People all over the world are waking up every day and experiencing life through a different perspective. They’re beginning to put health first. They’re reading ingredient labels, analyzing what’s in their foods and how they’re made. They’re demanding transparency from brands. They are beginning to understand the different plants, roots, and herbs, and botanicals that are made available to us naturally grow intentionally and purposefully, and when used in an appropriate and timely fashion can allow the body to be in a place where it can repair, restore, and heal itself,” says Prime My Body Co-Founder Austin Tice.

With some of the best minds in the fields of nutrition, supplements, and neutraceuticals on our team, Prime My Body is guided by a plant-based approach to health, taking no shortcuts in product research, development, and formulation. It would be silly and morally irresponsible for us to ignore the facts that the most nutritionally rich ingredients that promote optimum body function and homeostasis are not manufactured, but grow naturally and organically from soil. Each Prime My Body product has been specially formulated to ensure only wholesome, high quality ingredients and botanicals are included. We grow our product line strategically, never rushing products to market for the sake of profit. Our product concepts, research and development, and production always has the consumer’s best interest and health in mind. Each Prime my Body product aligns complementary ingredients together to accomplish specific and desired health result.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil:

Prime My Body has become the largest provider of hemp oil in the United States. We owe this achievement to our signature product: Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. Derived from the powerful botanicals of the hemp plant, Prime My Body’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil communicates and interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid System to support healthy immune function, restore calm to the mind and body, and optimizes whole body homeostasis. The Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is superior to others on the market for a number of key reasons

  • Advanced Delivery – A effective liposomal delivery system that maximizes the bioavailability of the hemp oil in the body
  • Rapid Uptake – The body and bloodstream absorbs the hemp oil up to 5 times faster than non-liposomal systems.
  • Controlled Dosing – spray bottle application for precise dosing and immediate efficacy.

Ultimate Detox System

A total body detoxification program. Prime My Body’s Ultimate Detox System is a two-step, push-catch detox convention that delivers botanicals and phytonutrients that boost detoxification function and aids proper filtering and expulsion of environmental and endogenous toxins.

Ultimate Detox System program brings two products together that work in unison to support toxin elimination.

  • 1
    Liver Clear - charges the detox process, moves bile, protects the liver and promotes cellular and hepatic glutathione production. It works by pushing toxins with a liposomal blend of bitters and powerful antioxidant support into the GI tract.
  • 2
    Mega Binder – captures and neutralizes toxins in the GI tract using a broad-spectrum mix of binders blended with soothing prebiotic herbs.

Prime Protein Superfood

As the name states, Prime Hemp Protein Super-food is a blend of plant-based proteins and super-foods formulated to optimize total body performance. One of the sweetest things about Prime Protein Super-food is the flavoring is not compromised by artificial additives or fillers. The Chocolate Love flavor is comprised of a blend of coconut sugar, Himalayan sea salt and Stevia. As a quick healthy snack or post workout recovery aid, Prime Protein Super-food fuels the body with nutritional-rich ingredients that have been used by tribes and civilizations for centuries around the world.  Prime My Body is leading the in Hemp based super nutrition.

Hydrate Pure

Newly reformulated, Hydrate Pure combines only plant-based botanicals that aide the restoration and health of one of our body’s most important organs; the skin. Containing hemp-infused botanical extracts and a variety of phytonutrients, Hydrate Pure gives the skin a soft, supple, and youthful glow.

Bringing in the “Expert”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Christopher Shade

Christopher Shade, PhD is the biochemist and formulator of Prime My Body’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil and Ultimate Detox System. Founder of Quicksilver Scientific Labs, he is an industry respected expert in liposomal delivery systems, enhanced cellular absorption, and rapid intraoral absorption. In 2016, when Prime My Body made the decision to incorporate hemp oil into the product line, we knew Dr. Shade was the scientist that would formulate the standard of hemp oil for our brand. Bringing with him advanced expertise and knowledge of the human Endocannabinoid system, lipid-based delivery systems, and super-critical extraction protocols, Dr. Shade and his team delivered what is now the fastest selling hemp oil in the United States.

In addition to his work in the lab, Dr. Shade brought a new level of credibility to our company because of the respect and influence he has in the fields of traditional, integrative, and alternative medicine.

“Dr. Chris Shade in my opinion, and in thousands of medical practitioners opinions on the planet, is the guy. He is the chemist who figured out how to take something from a plant and not just absorb it into the blood but actually absorb it into the cell,” says Dr. Lori Cardellino—board certified naturopathic physician and holistic dentist.

Dr. Shade—who received his PhD in environmental mercury chemistry—lectures and trains doctors nationally and internationally on the subjects of human detoxification, mercury testing, and heavy metals. While finishing his PhD dissertation, he developed and patented a liquid chromatographic mercury speciation technology that was used to create the Mercury Tri-Test. It’s no fluke his expertise in mercury and mercury detoxification gives him authority in creating a whole body detoxification system like Prime My Body’s Ultimate Detox System.

His role in Prime My Body is integral to our progressive, forward-thinking approach to total body health and wellness.

The Prime My Body Business Opportunity

Prime My Body’s Affiliate Program is designed to reward and compensate customers, supporters, and followers for sharing our products. With network marketing industry leaders on the Prime My Body executive team, including CEO, Paul Rogers, Lead Marketer, John Taylor, and Co-Founder, Austin Tice, the Affiliate Program is strategically designed for anyone who has a passion for our brand and products.

“The rewards program in and of itself allows people to decide the pace and magnitude that they see themselves fitting in and operating within. The fact is, for affiliates, they can be involved part part-time, part-time, or full-time. It has everything to do with how they see themselves contributing to the growth and vision of the brand. There are no restrictions. It is completely up to the affiliate to decide,” says Tice.

In a few short years Prime My Body’s affiliate community has grown from a few hundred to tens of thousands—with that number increasing by the day. Through a generous and aggressive rewards program, affiliates have the opportunity to build the life, career, and financial security of their own design.

“The compensation plan is really balanced and you need a balanced compensation plan in network marketing. You need upfront money. You need team-building money and you need the ability to create residual or back end financial support. So it’s a perfect storm in relationship to what somebody should be looking for. Some people need to make money right now. We’ve got that. Somebody may want to build a solid sustainable business over the next four to six months that needs to generate four to five figures per month. We’ve got the compensation plan for that. And then some people want to work really hard for the next four to five years of their life and have something that is creating cash flow on the backend. Our plans does that,” says Taylor.

When someone signs up as an affiliate they are given the tools and resources to help build their business. From a replicated website, access to the PMB Pulse app, personalized launch trainings, and weekly conference call trainings to online support systems and marketing collateral, global tracking of sales and commissions, and regional and national conventions, the Prime My Body Affiliate Program is constantly updating support tools to help affiliates succeed.

“While success is important and is the ultimate goal, who you become while obtaining success is equally as important. No matter how quickly or how long it takes you to accomplish your goals Prime My Body will do all it can to ensure you succeed,” adds Tice.

What The Future Holds

Positioning in the plant-based wellness and hemp industries wasn’t by accident. The Prime My Body executive team foresaw the growth of both industries and was ambitious in making sure the company was involved in both business spaces. The results has been exponential growth that has been rewarding for both the company and its affiliate community. As momentum is consistently growing the future is bright for our young Affiliate marketing company, with plans to expand internationally by summer 2018.

“This last year was just a glimpse of what the next 5, 10, to 20 years are going to be like here at Prime My Body. Because that is certainly our vision as we build this to create generational impact. Not just through our amazing products but also in helping people build a business,” says Rogers.

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